Saturday, January 10, 2004


Democrat hypocrisy over tax: "Nowhere is this more striking than in the sudden scrambling of Howard Dean, the former Vermont governor, who has advocated repealing all of Mr. Bush's tax cuts, including those for the middle class. Now, under heavy fire from his rivals, Dr. Dean is preparing a new tax plan that is widely expected to offer tax relief for the middle class"

More amazing hypocrisy: Free trade was supported by the Democrats as recently as Clinton -- but not now. They have no principles or guiding philosophy whatever -- but I guess the support many of them gave to a Fascist dictator (Saddam) showed us that for once and for all.

There is a very good article here on the worldwide upsurge of antisemitism in recent years.

Suzanne Fields has some examples of moronic intellectual-speak. Here's one: "Dr. Rowan Williams, who as the archbishop of Canterbury heads the established Anglican Church, demands that America show not righteous anger but sympathy for the men who murdered 3,000 of us on Sept. 11. We must recognize that these mass murderers who crashed into the Twin Towers "have serious moral goals" that Americans merely fail to appreciate. Since we can't judge what's in our best and moral interests, he says, we must let the United Nations do it for us"

Damian Thompson of the "Telegraph" says only stupid white men would believe Michael Moore

A good Winston Churchill saying: "We contend for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle."

An interesting blog from an American soldier serving in Iraq.

The Wicked one is back on the funnies -- with a list of top morons for 2003


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