Thursday, January 08, 2004


Kristof in the NYT does the usual performance for that rag of appearing fair and unbiased -- as long as you don't think too much. He clearly hates it that so many Americans are real Christians (as distinct from the pretend Christians who are so common among Episcopalians etc) and tries to excuse Howard Dean's lie about his Bible knowledge this way: "Anyone who cites Job as a New Testament book should be scolded not just for religious phoniness but also for appalling ignorance of Western civilization _ on a par with Mr. Bush's calling Greeks "Grecians." Dean made his gaffe after explicitly claiming to know the Bible well. So according to Kristof, poor grammar by GWB equates with an outright lie by a Democrat! But I guess that's the sort of senseless judgment that the U.S. Supreme Court would uphold.

David Brooks has an amusing article in the NYT about the "neocon" conspiracy theories that are so popular even among the mainstream Left as an "explanation" of GWB's foreign policy. This "definition" gave me a chuckle: "con is short for "conservative" and neo is short for "Jewish"". Some of the letter-writers to the NYT got very huffy about their antisemitism being described so blithely but you don't have to read many recent Leftist rants to know the truth behind what Brooks said.

GWB's latest proposals to give official recognition to illegal immigrants is clearly another abandonment of conservatism on his part. In practice, it is nothing more than a total abandonment of immigration controls. I am glad I live in a country with a real conservative government that controls illegal immigration effectively. One can only hope that GWB's proposal is a temporary political expedient like his steel tariffs and that he is secretly hoping that it will get overruled in Congress the way his steel tariff was overruled by the WTO.

A leading Democrat engages in public racial stereotyping. But she's a Democrat so that's OK. "New York Senator Hillary Clinton has felt obliged to apologise for making a joke about Indian independence hero Mahatma Gandhi having worked as a gas station manager in Saint Louis, Missouri"

Have I missed something? Where are all the protests against China from the Greenies and animal libbers? "Animal merchants watched aghast as government SARS fighters descended on China's largest wildlife market Wednesday and hauled off bagfuls of squirming civet cats for slaughter"

Christians in general, and evangelicals in particular, have been leaving the Democratic Party in droves. And why should they not, given how openly hostile the party of the left has become to every social issue embraced by Christians as well as the most trivial public expressions of Christianity? Were significant elements within the Democratic Party to have their way, every mention of Christmas would be banned, every Christian would be barred from public service and every homeschooler would be forcibly thrown to the lions of the public schools.

One impostor down: "Archbishop Peter Carnley has announced he will step down as the head of the Anglican Church in Australia early next year... Dr Carnley, 66, was a controversial choice for primate when he was elected by his peers four years ago because of his liberal views on gays, the ordination of women and his strong stand on Aboriginal land rights"

Opinion Journal draws attention to yet another instance of the constant Leftist claim that they are the smart ones and conservatives are dummies. Just have a look at my comments on the work of five prominent Leftist intellectuals in my field of academic expertise here and here and here and here and here and decide for yourself how smart they are. If those five are not enough, there's lots more here.

But one thing that DOES differentiate conservatives and Leftists is happiness. There is a long history of evidence showing that conservatives are happier. The latest is from Gallup: "Even when accounting for partisan differences in marital status and household income, Republicans are significantly more likely than Democrats and independents to be very happy." Leftists are miserable sods, to put it plainly -- but you just have to hear their constant whining about everything in our society to know that.

Extremist Islam in America: "Just as a Florida Islamic conference was trying to recover from one media controversy, they were mired in another when Islamic speakers who have voiced support for suicide bombers and referred to Jews as "Jewish crackers," "apes" and "pigs" freely addressed the crowd and were warmly embraced by conference leaders. The speakers addressed the crowd just hours after Islamic leader Dr. Sayed M. Saeed assured media that those present represented "mainstream" Islam"

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