Wednesday, January 07, 2004


The welfare state versus the family: The Swedish experience: If the author's arguments are correct, the long term effect of the welfare state is the depopulation of the nation, the erosion of its tax base and possible influx of peoples from cultures where extended family and ethnic bonds are put before national bonds, thus undermining the 'social compact' that democratic welfare states rest on.

And as Sowell says: "These countries have also been importing large numbers of immigrants from other countries and other civilizations, people with values at cross purposes -- often dangerously so, as we learned last September 11th. Because these culturally different immigrants typically have a much higher fertility rate than the populations of the countries to which they are moving, the very composition of the Western world is changing in irreversible ways that threaten the survival of the existing culture.... the sheer magnitude of today's immigration into Western countries threatens to overwhelm any society's ability to absorb so many strangers and so many incompatible cultures. As just one example, the virtue of tolerance has been extended to cultures that are unabashedly intolerant. As Pat Buchanan says, try setting up a Christian church in Istanbul! Do we want to import people who are preaching hatred toward other American groups, such as the Jews, who are already here?

Steve Sailer looks at the statistics in more detail


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