Friday, January 09, 2004


Edward Feser has a powerful article on Tech Central Station about the ideal Democrat Presidential candidate. History is most awkward for the Left. I am more than pleased to see someone else saying what I have been saying for so long. For instance, Feser claims that the Left suffer from "projection" (seeing their own faults in others). I first made that claim in an academic journal in 1972 -- though I very much doubt that I was totally original in making that claim at that time.

Friedman in the NYT rightly says that the war with extremist Islam is World War III and rightly says that the Islamic nations themselves are needed to help us win it. How we get them to help is the question. Intimidating them is surely one part of the answer. The toppling of Saddam seems to have changed a lot of minds among Islamic rulers. The “carrot and stick” approach, in short.

A reader comments on my post yesterday about Hillary Clinton's racial stereotyping: "I think you (and possibly Hillary) missed the REAL MESSAGE of racial stereotyping of Indians. This is about as positive a statement of the work ethic of Indians as exists - these guys own and manage gas stations when those complaining of "lack of opportunity" buy the gas while the Indians sell it. This is the way it is for many Indians - they arrive dirt poor, work like hell, go to school, and end up OWNING the neighborhood - tha American dream at its best - and Hillary is really stereotyping them - as SMART" Yes. I have always said that Leftists do know what the racial differences are. They just won't normally admit to it.

The court case resulting from the police shooting of African immigrant Diallo has now been settled with a $3 million payout from NYC to his parents. The police concerned were exonerated as having acted out of a honest mistake but there was an understandable political furore over the event nonetheless. A reader comments: "Following Diallo's killing by police from the Street Crimes Unit, Mayor Bloomberg abandoned the unit in the interest of "eliminating police brutality" {Police brutality was eliminated - in fact, policing itself was eliminated.} Needless to say, since then, the murder rate has shyrocketed in this area - mostly Black. So these people have been sacrificed on the PC altar. Here are leftists praising themselves for the murder of large numbers of Blacks -- sacrificed for a "just cause".

I know I shouldn't gloat. I know. I know. But I cannot help feeling pleased with the excellent results of my own very conservative stockmarket investment strategy when I read about the results obtained by the Wall St high-flyers of just a few years ago that are described in part here. I got the sort of results that they wanted because I understood capitalism and they did not. Nasty of me.

Interested Participant has an excellent post on how millions of taxpayer and private dollars were spent on protecting an "endangered" species of mouse which has now been shown to be common in fact. But nobody in government is yet admitting that they were wrong, of course.

One of my readers whom I have quoted before here has now started her own blog -- primarily concerned with the idiocies of modern literary studies.

The Wicked one has recent posts saying that DDT is good for you and that there should be free trade in jobs.


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