Saturday, December 25, 2004


Several of my readers have asked me about this news item:

"Two Christian pastors in Australia have been found guilty of religious vilification of Muslims.... One of the pastors, Daniel Scot, is Pakistani. He fled his native land seventeen years ago.... Last Friday, Judge Michael Higgins of The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal found him guilty of vilifying Islam in a seminar hosted by his group, Catch the Fire Ministries. The judge noted that during the seminar, Scot stated that "the Quran promotes violence, killing and looting." In light of Qur'anic passages such as 9:5, 2:191, 9:29, 47:4, 5:33 and many others, this cannot seriously be a matter of dispute".

The laws concerned are peculiar to the State of Victoria -- which has a number of crazy Leftist laws -- and there is no substantial move to adopt them elsewhere in Australia. And the ruling is from an administrative tribunal -- something of a kangaroo court, i.e. without all the features of a normal court. I am no student of Victorian law but I understand that such decisions have to be referred to a normal court for enforcement -- at which time this ruling could be, and should be, overturned. Judge Higgins certainly does appear to have been what Australians would call a "galah". The galah is an Australian native parrot noted for low brainpower.


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