Tuesday, December 21, 2004


In recognition of the fact that I post too much for many readers to keep up with, I once again list what I think are the best posts on my various blogs over the last week.

Dissecting Leftism says that a belief in individual liberty is more basic to conservatism than is traditionalism.

Political Correctness Watch lists some of the recent attacks on Christmas.

Greenie Watch lists some of the low points of the big global warming confab in Buenos Aires.

Gun Watch notes a case of free speech about guns being suppressed at a university.

Socialized Medicine lists big problems with Canada's "free" health care

Education Watch notes that the Dutch too are now fleeing from "black" inner-city schools.

Leftists as Elitists says that contempt for the ordinary person underlies the desire to keep retirement funding in government hands.



I rarely say much about immigration control. It is now a settled issue in Australia with illegal immigration having been brought to a virtual standstill. So I have no concerns about the Australian situation. The American situation is however a different matter. The great divisions in America are mainly among conservatives and I can see merit on both sides of the argument. I do however contribute regularly to a blog that is concerned with minority/majority issues so I have posted there a few thoughts on what I see as the basic issues involved. For those who are interested see here and here.


Drat! The site on which my thoughts on immigration are recorded seems to be down at the moment. I have therefore reposted the material here


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