Thursday, December 30, 2004


It is pleasing to see a post on Daily Kos that shows a considerable grip on reality. Some of his attempts to deal with the reality concerned are a bit amusing, though. The point of the post is to tell Democrats how to change their message so that they win in 2008. The whole post is actually worth fisking but I will content myself with a few notes:

He says: "The Left is the true home of moral values, once you understand that morality is more than sex." Really? How can it be the home of ANY morality when they keep telling us that there is no such thing as right and wrong?

He says: "The Republicans have become the party of Christianity, globalization, and capitalism -- three victorious historical forces. If we can't reclaim those forces for the Left, we lose. The question is how". That's the question, all right!

He says: "For those liberals who don't read the Bible -- that's part of the problem, by the way -- I'll explain". That is a very LARGE problem if you want Christians onside.

He says: "Christianity belongs to us". When they are constantly doing all in their power to suppress public expressions of Christianity?

He says: "When he's not talking about sex, the Pope is actually a flaming liberal". There's a lot of truth in that but Catholics only obey the Holy Father when it suits them these days.

He says: "Globalization belongs to us". When they are constantly demonstrating against it and condemning it as "outsourcing"?

He says: "Capitalism belongs to us. This is a long-term project that probably won't be ready for 2008, but we need to keep working on it.... Could there be a left-wing capitalism that harnesses the efficiency of market forces to the values of liberal society? William Greider says yes. He doesn't have it all worked out yet ..." I'll have to agree that that one won't be ready for 2008 -- or ever!

He says: "The Right may have mastered the art of winning elections, but it lacks a fundamental understanding and appreciation of democracy. A healthy democracy is not a herd of sheep that legitimizes its shepherd by taking a vote. In the long term, democracy requires an active, informed, responsible citizenry that participates in shaping and running its public institutions." Is that why the Left BUY most of their vote off ill-informed minorities by handing out the welfare dollars?

I could go on but I think that is enough laughs for today. The poor sod DOES have a pretty good idea of how the Democrats need to change but they seem to be paddling furiously in the opposite direction to that at the moment. His big problem is that you cannot win elections anywhere in the Anglosphere (except Canada) unless you at least pretend to be conservative and appear to mean it. You have to proclaim things like, "The era of big government is over". And Leftism only goes down well in Canada because it is not American.


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