Saturday, January 01, 2005



This one about Marx and Engels

I am sure that I will get the nickname of the "insane blogger" soon. Yes. I have just started ANOTHER blog. How better to start the New Year? This one is intended to have only a limited lifespan, however. Its purpose is to put on display all the quotes from Marx and Engels that Marxists hope you never find out about. It is truly astonishing what those guys really believed. They had more in common with Hitler than with anyone else. The most recent post shows that Marx and Hitler agreed about the Jews. See here. I will post to the blog only as interesting material for it becomes available to me but Dirk's file gives me plenty to start with. I hope to add new quotes every day for quite a while.



Another email from a reader:

As a Yorkshire born Aussie, the question of Scottish antipathy to the English has vexed me often. How come this isn't labeled racism on the part of the Scots (and Irish and Welsh)? Friends and colleagues from Scotland have freely related to me their father's or grandfather's generation as being the biggest crankiest bigots they've ever known. This contrasts starkly with my own upbringing - I cannot remember, ever, any bad words about the other inhabitants of the British Isles from my parents or their parents. No such "analytical" discourses with racist overtones ever took place in our families. So while the issue is about economic envy and blame shifting, of which you write, and which I am enjoying reading, essentially it's far more a case of good old politically incorrect, unreconstructed racism. Like Eurabians and Lefties in general with their persistant America bashing - they just cannot help it . .

Sorry, but reading how if the Scots hear a certain accent and assume it's English, they freeze, but if it's an Aussie, Och then that's alright, isn't it . . . - just makes my skin crawl. In fact it changes my opinion of them greatly. Why are the Scots such a sacred cow as a "race" (note, even this is not true) that they shouldn't be justifiably castigated at every opportunity for this racism, rather than "reasons" being given by pundits to excuse and perpetuate it? As far as I can see, it's really more about regional dialects than nationality. "Scot detects English accent, goes coldly polite, gets told it's an Aussie, breaks out the whisky" - what's changed? - nothing - it's still the same person, possibly originally of English or Scottish or, gasp!, both extraction. How silly can people get? We have to change the way we speak for racist Scots to get their hospitality?? Shall we all start speaking in atrocious false accents for their benefit? Better yet, why don't all the English just drop dead for their convenience?


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