Sunday, January 16, 2005


I have waited for what I hope is a "decent interval" before mentioning this but anybody wanting a tsunami-proof vacation in the tropics might like to consider Australia's Far North Queensland resort area -- centred on the city where I went to High School -- Cairns. The North Queensland coast is sheltered behind the Great Barrier reef so you don't even get significant surf there, let alone tidal waves. And the Pacific is actually more tusnami-prone that the Indian Ocean so it is good to have one part of the South Pacific that is safe. Being part of a modern developed country, it is safe from lots of other things too -- like contaminated drinking water. And, unlike Asia, its beaches are mostly deserted -- mainly because we have so many of them.

And hopefully I can by now be forgiven for admitting that I DID laugh at one of Slatt's tsunami jokes -- the first one. It was such a ridiculous image. Slatts has joined the nuke Mecca campaign too. And I must admit that until Slatts mentioned it, I had not realized that West Bank is a Spoonerism. As a lover of Spoonerisms I feel humbled. I think it is a tossup between Slatts and Prof. Bunyip as to which is the funniest Australian blog.


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