Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Once again I pick out what I think are my best posts for the week:

Dissecting Leftism points out that kids once got in Grade-school a better literary education than they now get in many colleges.

Political Correctness Watch notes that arsonists are now being officially permitted to drive gasoline tankers!

Greenie Watch debunks the myth that oil-supplies have "peaked"

Leftists as Elitists notes that Supreme Court judge Scalia follows the law rather than elite opinion.

Gun Watch notes a case where a gun-maker is being sued because a criminal used a gun that the gun-maker had originally sold to the police!

Socialized Medicine notes that British public hospitals cannot even afford enough cleaners any more.

Education Watch notes the new fad for "Bubble-kids"

Marx & Friends notes that Engels thought that the Yugoslavs deserved to be wiped out.

A scripture blog asks how seriously we can take the words of Doubting Thomas.

Majority Rights notes the difficult job Australian officials often have to do in deporting illegal immigrants


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