Wednesday, June 22, 2005


There has been a bit of discussion (e.g. here) of this article, which notes that the Leftist blogosphere now gets lots more hits than does the Conservative/libertarian blogosphere. The article says that the reason for the difference is that there are few conservative group-blogs and that few of the top conservative bloggers allow comments. There may be something in that. It certainly seems to be broadly true that group blogs attract more hits -- presumably because of a greater variety of material on them. And comments are very popular too. And I do myself contribute voluminously to a group blog that has very active comments and gets a lot of hits -- Majority Rights.

I doubt that different formats are the principal explanation for the recent upsurge of hits on Leftist blogs, though. I think that the recent conservative advance in the Anglosphere -- decisive election wins by GWB, John Howard and Tony Blair in America, Australia and Britain -- is the reason. Leftists are getting demoralized and are looking more and more for talk that will help prop up their views. They NEED blogs more than conservatives do. And I wouldn't mind betting that as GWB gets more and more of his judicial nominees through the Senate, more and more Leftists will be turning to the Left blogosphere for comfort. [Yes. I know that Tony Blair is more a centrist than a conservative but the Left hate him nonetheless].

Let me take this opportunity, however, to say that I would welcome co-bloggers for GREENIE WATCH, POLITICAL CORRECTNESS WATCH, EDUCATION WATCH, GUN WATCH, SOCIALIZED MEDICINE and LEFTISTS AS ELITISTS if anybody of libertarian-conservative views is interested. The first three of those get respectively about 250, 350 and 100 hits a day at the moment. I don't have counters on the others. Their current ranking according to the Bear are respectively 2884, 1967 and 5369 -- which is certainly humble -- but all three are still ahead of around 8 million other blogs so they are a hell of a lot better than starting from nowhere.

Who knows? You could be another Chrenkoff and go from nowhere to 2 million hits in your first year! And Chrenkoff lives in the same quiet little backwater that I do -- only about 15 minutes drive away, in fact. Chrenkoff has got some fabulous pictures up at the moment, by the way.


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