Monday, December 25, 2017

No posts today, maybe tomorrow

If you are looking for something congenial to read, you might find my list of short articles interesting. They cover a wide subject range.  The subject index is here

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Dian Marshall Smith said...

Dear Dr. Ray,

I am a longtime reader and admirer of your work. You are one of the original Blog Fathers, like Glenn Reynolds, the Powerline Gents, Andrew Breitbart, and Little Green Footballs when Charles Johnson was on the "right side," so to speak.

Thank you for your thoughts, and putting them to such good use. As a conservative living in walked out CA, your voice gave me hope prior to the election of the lightbearer Donald J. Trump. You also pointed me in the direction of the inestimable, late Chris Brand. Dissecting Leftism gave me succor through the Obamanation years!

May you and yours have a lovely, magical, jolly fun Christmas Holiday! You are the coolest atheist I have ever experienced. God bless you, Sir, in all ways.


Dian Marshall Smith
San Lorenzo, CA