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Covid and cruelty to the aged "for their own good"

Bad as the whole coronavirus charade certainly is, it's hard to find a parallel for the sheer perversity of the propagandists' abuse of the aged. The "experts" are never more self-righteous than when they thunder at us that the smallest deviation from their New Normal prescriptions amounts to killing off our elders. But no one has ever treated the old with more cynical cruelty - or with less justification.

Think of the title of an article published by one Rabbi Shai Held in the Atlantic - one of the most relentless purveyors of coronavirus propaganda - a year ago:

The Staggering, Heartless Cruelty Toward the Elderly."

When I first saw those words, I thought the Atlantic editors had suddenly seen the light and wanted their readers to know about the evils of the harsh nursing home confinements recently ordered by governors-turned-dictators in states like New York and New Jersey.

But no. The Atlantic was only showcasing a spiteful sermon from the rabbi about some obnoxious people - Trump supporters or similar unworthies, I assume - who, it was said, were claiming that COVID19 wasn't really so bad if it only killed old people, who after all were going to die soon anyway.

I don't know of any real people who said such things - not that facts would have mattered to the Atlantic. What I do know - and what the Atlantic's Rabbi Held never mentioned - is that officials like Governor Andrew Cuomo, to the applause of the propagandists, forced old people into crowded nursing homes where they were isolated from friends and relatives, forbidden to leave, told they were surrounded by a deadly disease they could not escape, and otherwise either neglected or "helped" by terrified attendants dressed in space suits - a grotesque scenario that could only have added to their sense of danger and hopelessness.

Not surprisingly, many of those inmates died.

Now that's cruelty.

I'm still hearing stories of people who have not been allowed to visit elderly relatives for months on end; many of us have friends or acquaintances who were prevented from saying goodbye to a dying friend or cousin or grandparent or uncle. This is taken almost for granted nowadays.

Some of the stories I hear are even worse. One man reports being told that his aged mother, a patient last spring at a crowded New York hospital, would not be treated for her COVID19 infection as a matter of "hospital policy" because she had signed a "do not resuscitate" order: since the hospital staff didn't know how to treat COVID19, a nurse told him, they were treating her illness as terminal.

In other words, they would let the old woman die even if they believed that giving her oxygen could save her life.

A policy like that - if indeed it existed - violated New York law. And when propagandists point to the high death rates at those New York hospitals in March and April as "proof" of the dangers of the coronavirus, I can only wonder how many of the patients they have in mind were killed not by an infection but by medical malpractice.

And what about reports - this time not from patients' relatives but from a medical professional with first-hand experience - that another New York "hospital policy" involved excessive use of ventilators, likely resulting in damage to the patients' lungs and possibly hastening their deaths?

The propagandists never mention this; such things, too, are taken for granted.

And these people have the nerve to complain about "cruelty toward the elderly"? If you ask me, they should be giving lessons on the subject.

I'll say it again: I know that lots of younger people are being tortured too. If you want evidence of how bad things really are - and from the horse's mouth - take a look at this sadistic effusion in the Atlantic's February 4 issue, from a woman who watched her husband suffer:

At about 2am on Thursday morning, I woke to find my husband shivering beside me. For hours, he had been tossing in bed, exhausted but unable to sleep, nursing chills, a fever, and an agonizingly sore left arm. His teeth chattered. His forehead was freckled with sweat.

A cautionary tale about the ravages of the "deadly virus"? That's what it would have been if the poor man had tested positive for COVID19 six months earlier. But now her spouse's torment is the cue for a flood of joyous propaganda:

[A]s I lay next to him, cinching blanket after blanket around his arms, I felt an immense sense of relief. All this misery was a sign that the immune cells in his body had been riled up by the second shot of a COVID-19 vaccine, and were well on their way to guarding him from future disease.

Ah, the innocence of ideological purity! For the Atlantic apparatchik, her husband's "misery" meant "an immense sense of relief," just as being burned alive in a bombed building in 1941 moved a British Communist Party member to bless Joe Stalin (as related years later by her friend Teddy Prager):

Isn't it nice to know that indoctrination still works? Long live Pfizer! Long live experimental drugs and human guinea pigs! Hurray for Joe Biden! Who cares what happens to my husband, so long as the corporate bosses and mask-maniacs and police-state enthusiasts get everything they want?

So yes, every detail of this sinister farce is ugly. But the lockdown-lovers have always claimed to be driven by particular solicitude for the aged. And so it is especially disgusting to watch them lie to old ladies in order to make them submit to dangerous drugs, after terrorizing them for a solid year with fictions intended to leave them more vulnerable to the next round of fraud.

And let's not mince words: fraud is the right name for what they've done to my mother (and so many others). The evidence of all-cause mortality figures in the US (and elsewhere) demonstrates clearly enough that COVID19 has had no significant impact on medical death rates, at least since last summer.

On top of that, a study conducted by several prestigious scientists, chaired by the estimable John Ioannidis, recently concluded that the drastic lockdowns imposed in 2020 did not stem the spread of the virus any better than far milder measures would have done. There is no COVID19 emergency - and if there ever was, which is doubtful, the hysterical official response did more harm than good.

And yet most of the United States still languishes - illegally - under quasi-dictatorial rule, with the acquiescence of mainstream media, which apparently never thought ordinary people should be allowed to control their own lives in the first place. One result of this coup (the only accurate word for it) was the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, engineered in significant part through dishonest COVID19 reporting, and spurred by mail-in voting procedures that almost certainly would not have been approved by the legislative processes required by the relevant state constitutions.

But don't expect any outrage about this political chicanery from the people who regularly denounce illiberal government in places like China or Venezuela. Representative democracy was largely scrapped in the US a year ago, so it just doesn't matter that the presidential voting system was illegally altered in order to promote a Democratic victory - just as it doesn't matter that the mainstream media produced a torrent of worthless claims about Trump's "mishandling" of the virus in order to make voters blame him for 200,000 deaths as they cast their ballots.

Mention these facts and you are a "conspiracy theorist." Pretend not to know them and you are "following the science."

And what if you happen to care about the welfare of elderly people - or of children, whose vulnerability has always been supposed to entitle them to special consideration? Well, if you take your cues from coronavirus propaganda, there's only one right way to treat both groups: cynically exploit them so as to spread the fear porn as thickly as possible.

Consider, for example, a bizarre January "news" story in which children in California were described making tearful apologies to their grandparents as the latter died, allegedly from COVID19, in off-limits hospital rooms.

The "experts" and the reporter just knew those kids must have infected their elders after attending a Thanksgiving or Christmas party. True, there's little real evidence that children function as contagious carriers of COVID19, let alone that any have actually passed the infection to an elderly relative. But why let facts get in the way of cruelty? The kids had to learn a lesson: enjoying an innocent holiday celebration meant killing off Granny.

No one in mainstream media challenged that piece of cynical sadism, as far as I know - just as no one challenged the claims of California "health" officials during the same period that the state was experiencing death tolls from COVID19 of over 400 per day. (In fact, for the week ending January 9, the putative daily death tolls for the state edged closer to 500.)

But was that even true?

According to the all-cause mortality figures shown on the CDC website, during the weeks ending January 2 and January 9 there was a total of 8,958 deaths in California, as compared with a total of 11,761 deaths during the same period a year earlier, before any "pandemic" was declared.

In other words, during the same period when California "experts" were screaming about 400-500 extra deaths each day from a disease that presumably wasn't killing anyone the previous January, the total number of deaths actually decreased by an average rate of 200 per day as compared with the same period a year earlier.

To square California's claimed coronavirus deaths with those facts, we would probably have to suppose that heart disease, cancer, traffic deaths, diabetes and so on were all so drastically reduced in California that their daily death tolls diminished by more than 600 per day since the previous year.

Yes, miracles do happen, as Forrest Gump reminded us. But the more reasonable interpretation is that the COVID19 horror story California "health" officials were telling us in January was a fiction made out of numbers-juggling. Which is pretty much what the whole "deadly plague" story has been from the start - a combination of alarmist and unscientific "projections," unreliable and over-used tests, arbitrary diagnoses, fear-mongering and politically-driven cause-of-death classifications, which were then fanned to hysteria by power-hungry politicians and a compliant "news" media, not to mention corporate behemoths that stood to gain from the panic.

Our country is being torn apart by measures that the public and its elected representatives have never been permitted to debate, let alone to approve

Can I preserve the principles of civil rights in an era when the very notion of freedom is scoffed at from the headlines of every "liberal" newspaper in the West? I don't know. But I can do my best to ensure that it won't happen with my consent, that I won't be an accomplice in my own victimization

The crimes against us all may continue. I will not contribute to them.


FAT as a Covid factor

As it turns out, we don’t hear much about the dirty little secret that obesity easily killed as many people as mask avoidance — perhaps more. The Washington Examiner’s Brad Polumbo did a deep dive into the issue of weight and Covid deaths and found some shocking correlations.

COVID-19 is much more deadly for the elderly and those with preexisting conditions that weaken the immune system. One of those conditions is obesity. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Adults with excess weight are at even greater risk during the COVID-19 pandemic.” The CDC said that of the roughly 900,000 adult COVID-19 hospitalizations from the start of the outbreak to Nov. 18, 30% were attributed to obesity.

Meanwhile, a new study examining over 150,000 adults across 20 hospitals confirmed that obese people are much more likely to be hospitalized or to die from the virus. Severely obese COVID-19 patients were 61% more likely to die and 33% more likely to face hospitalization than their peers at healthy weights.

This isn’t really “news” in the sense that the CDC had been warning obese people since the beginning of the pandemic that they were at higher risk of serious illness and death. So why did so many obese people ignore the warning?

This alarming pre-pandemic crisis and recent acceleration should be setting off enormous alarm bells. But instead, liberal-leaning media outlets and cultural influencers have glorified obesity and downplayed its health risks.

For example, Cosmopolitan ran a series of magazine covers featuring significantly overweight women under the heading, “This is healthy!”




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