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Biden’s probe censored Covid ‘smoking gun’

Mr Biden ordered the Intelligence Community in May 2021 to give him an assessment into how the pandemic began after revelations, first published by The Australian, that researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology had been hospitalised with Covid-like symptoms in November 2019 in the suspected first cluster of the pandemic.

When the report was published it concluded that most intelligence agencies assessed the virus, even if it had leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, was natural rather than manipulated in a laboratory

The Australian can reveal that this was not the assessments made by the four groups within the intelligence agencies that actually engaged in scientific analysis, who concurred that there was either a highly likely or reasonable chance the virus was genetically engineered.

At least 90 per cent of the work from one of those agencies — the Pentagon’s top intelligence group — was censored in the final report and Defence Department scientists were told to stop working with the FBI on their findings.

Scientists at the Defense Intelligence Agency’s National Centre for Medical Intelligence (DIA NCMI) had conducted rigorous research on the genomic sequence of the virus and firmly concluded that it was, most likely, a laboratory construct.

Well-placed sources familiar with the work that unfolded inside the intelligence agency and their interactions with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence for the 90-day probe spoke to The Australian for this investigation.

Covid-19 origin ‘smoking gun’

Their internal research at the Pentagon-based agency led to a finding that was described internally as a “smoking gun.”

One of the scientists discovered that the size and location of a fragment of Covid-19 resembled the same fragment in Wuhan Institute of Virology research from more than a decade earlier, in 2008. It was the same technique that the WIV had used in grant applications to make chimeric viruses.

“This paper is the smoking gun of everything. When the team reviewed this data, they thought ‘This is created in the lab. It’s a reverse genetics construct,” a source said.

But their input into the 90-day origins probe was censored.

Sources close to the inquiry estimated that about 90 per cent of the DIA NCMI edits were deleted or censored or simply weren’t included.

“They said the information was too technical to include in the ODNI assessment,” a source familiar with the process told The Australian.

“When the scientists saw the final document, they wondered were did all their edits go?”

They had been working with the FBI’s Weapons of Mass Destruction unit, until the co-operation between the two agencies was blocked, with a director at the Defense Intelligence Agency claiming the FBI was “off the reservation” on the topic of the origins of Covid-19.

The 90-day study also ignored coronavirus gain-of-function research underway in Wuhan and there was a lack of genomic data analysis.

The scientific team inside the DIA thought the 90-day report was scientifically inaccurate, according to sources familiar with the inquiry.

“There was a lot of erroneous information. There was no genomic analysis in the ODNI report, nothing about the rare codons or the poly basic cleavage site and the minimal cassette that is similar to prior work published by WIV scientists. This virus also had no apparent mutational signatures,” a source involved in the inquiry said.


US Congress to probe claims Covid report was censored by intelligence community

The US congress is set to probe revelations that officials at the highest levels of the intelligence community censored the input of scientists who concluded that Covid-19 was genetically engineered in a laboratory.

A homeland security committee senator has also called for the allegations to be “investigated immediately”.

The Australian and Sky News revealed on Friday that senior scientists working for the Defence Intelligence Organisation’s National Centre for Medical Intelligence – Robert Greg Cutlip, Jean-Paul Chretien and John Hardham – had 90 per cent of their input into a probe ordered by US President Joe Biden deleted.

They were stunned when the Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s study into the origins of Covid-19 was released and downplayed the likelihood that SARS-CoV-2 was the result of laboratory research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

US officials have expressed serious concerns at censorship of the scientists, saying the matter raised questions over the accuracy of the 90-day probe handed down by Mr Biden in August 2021.

The congressional select subcommittee on the coronavirus pandemic will now evaluate the allegations, with a spokesperson saying there were concerns about the accuracy of the intelligence agency’s public assessments.

“The select subcommittee on the coronavirus pandemic takes the reported allegations seriously,” a spokesperson said. “We are explicitly tasked with investigating the origins of Covid-19 and the purported information raises questions concerning the accuracy of the ODNI report and its conclusions.”

Separately, US senator Roger Marshall, who sits on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and is leading the Covid origins investigations, said he was exploring his options about how to take censorship of the scientists further and that the cover-up “must be fully investigated immediately”.

“We never trusted the Chinese Communist Party to come clean about the origins of Covid-19, but a potential cover-up by our own government and Defence agencies tasked with securing our ­nation should concern every American and must be fully investigated immediately,” he told The Weekend Australian.

“The intelligence community’s official inconclusive position about the origins of Covid-19 has never accurately reflected the classified intelligence we reviewed. Now we are learning insider censorship of US expert scientists may have influenced the report.”

Quantitative biologist Justin Kinney, associate professor at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, said the revelations were “very important”.

“The ODNI appeared to have intentionally suppressed critical scientific information to mislead the public about the origins of Covid-19,” he said. “The house subcommittee on the pandemic should investigate.”

It comes after The Australian and Sky News revealed a draft document was shared with agencies in the intelligence community for input when Mr Biden ordered the probe in May 2021.

Sources familiar with the work inside the ­intelligence agency and the scientists’ interactions with the ODNI said 90 per cent of their input was censored or deleted.

“They said the information was too technical to include in the ODNI assessment,” one said.

“When the scientists saw the final document, they wondered where did all their edits go?”


Author of Congressional Vax Injury Compensation Bill Pens an Op-Ed

While the Biden administration recently announced another $1 billion for long Covid treatment research and up to $5 billion to develop more vaccines and therapies targeting Covid, a subject lurking just beneath the surface, individuals injured by the Covid vaccine for the most part go unacknowledged and even censored.

One advocate for the vaccine injured claims people have been suffering for too long without any government acknowledgement and it is time for action. “To live in a world where people harmed by a medication are treated with mercy instead of censorship, people must make their voices heard.” Action has been taken, including on the part of TrialSite, which covers the topic objectively as well as engages in partnership with organizations like React19, a Covid vaccine injury group, and offers vaccine injury support groups. Now, it looks as if the United States government is finally responding.

Bill to modernize vaccine compensation+

Democrat Representative Lloyd Doggett from Texas and Republican Congressman Lloyd Smucker of Pennsylvania introduced a bill, H.R.5142, which is designed to modernize the current COVID-19 vaccine compensation schemes. The bill would update and improve the nearly forty-year-old Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP).

Doggett had been reluctant to criticize the Covid vaccine, but recently came out and said, “Vaccines save lives, but in the rarest of cases, usually caused by an error in administration rather than the vaccine itself, they involve injury. While strongly disagreeing with the dangerous misinformation spread by anti-vaxxers, I believe that those who suffer rare injuries associated with vaccines, including those to fight COVID-19, should receive prompt, reasonable compensation for medical bills and other losses. The existing program involves unreasonable delays and inadequate redress. Our bill would update the program and correct the unjust decision to have COVID-19 claims considered by a separate, and even more inadequate governmental program. By assuring a prompt and fair response to any related injury, we build confidence in vaccines and reduce hesitancy.”

Doggett op-ed

In an article in The Hill, Congressman Doggett wrote that Congress must act to modernize the approach to “rare vaccine injuries”. The politician points out the Covid vaccine was needed as a response to the pandemic and was successful. But, he adds, vaccine hesitancy was an issue which had to be dealt with. Doggett adds one way to assure people the vaccines are safe is to make sure there is trust in the vaccines and the government is to make sure there is a program to safely and fairly compensate people who have suffered a vaccine injury.

The Congressman points out because of the uniqueness of the situation with the Covid vaccine, compensation for Covid vaccine injury was considered under the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP). The CICP has been an “abject failure” in dealing with Covid vaccine injuries, and now, finally, politicians are aware of the situation. And, as Doggett points out, with all the claims made to the CICP, a pittance has been paid out by the agency scheme.

Doggett and Smucker’s bill is called The Vaccine Injury Compensation Modernization Act, which aims to update the CICP and provide “much needed” relief to people whose vaccine injury claims have been lingering. “Our legislation authorizes the resources and additional judges required to review claims expeditiously, as well as reforms to provide more reasonable time for filing a claim. It streamlines the addition of future vaccines to the program, a process now too frequently delayed by bureaucratic red tape.”

The payouts will also account for work loss compensation, medical costs and damages. The legislation would also raise the cap in line with inflation, indexing it moving forward.

Frankly why wouldn’t we compensate individuals that have legitimate, verified injuries associated with the vaccine? Again, the Biden administration continues to commit billions into new vaccine and medicinal development, yet no mention of vaccine injury compensation.

But some elected officials in Washington are starting to realize that a fair, reasonably expedited and funded compensation program makes sense.




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