Thursday, April 22, 2004


This story about a troop of baboons showed that if you remove all the aggressive, dominant males, everybody remaining has a more peaceful life. Trying to apply that to humans would be a laugh though. Look at all the fuss caused by knocking out just ONE aggressive and dominant male -- Saddam Hussein! Not to mention Herr A. Hitler. Keith Burgess-Jackson worries that such findings may cause feminists to engage in selective breeding designed to produce less aggressive males. He shouldn't worry too much. It is the dominant males that most normal women tend to like best! "Bastards" the women call them but they still find it hard to resist such men. Wimps don't get far with women. Even quite feminist heterosexual women are attracted to a dominant male. I know. There will always be plenty of babies sired by dominant men. And feminist women are often themseves dominant and aggressive and some of them do have sons -- as my mother did. And guess what sort of sons they tend to produce? Complex creatures, these human beings -- as conservatives have always said.


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