Friday, April 23, 2004


The United Nations: "It was in the middle of the 1970s that the late Daniel Moynihan entered and exited as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. Upon his leaving he gave three definitions of that organization: 'A theater of the absurd, a decomposing corpse, and an insane asylum.' Then, giving his remarks support, he quoted a leading British journalist of the time who said that the U.N. was among 'the most corrupt and corrupting creations in the whole history of human institutions.'"

The U.N. today: "Whatever the sum involved, it vanished from the UN-administered Iraq Oil For Food programme, and unlike last year's petty looting, those at the centre of suspicion aren't lowly bureaucrats but a tight cluster of high-up insiders centred on the office, family and inner circle of Secretary-General Kofi Annan himself."

UN fraud on terror: "I simply cannot understand why President Bush keeps appealing to United Nations for its help and cooperation when that institution has proven itself to be incapable of doing anything significant in the field of human rights let alone international terrorism... I base this judgment on a long dead-letter UN resolution dated Dec. 9, 1994, passed by the General Assembly almost a decade ago, about which little is heard. In fact, few people even know it exists. And why should they, since the resolution died the day it passed? To discuss this resolution is to prove beyond a shadow of doubt the UN is a fraud, a betrayer of our hopes to establish a rule of law among nations."

The strange logic of the UN elite: "In Australia there have been calls for full recognition of same sex couples in Federal law. This was in response to the finding by the United Nations Human Rights Committee that Australia had breached Article 26 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights by refusing to give a war widower's pension to Edward Young who had been the homosexual companion of a deceased war veteran. It is worth noting that only one (Finland) of the twelve countries represented on the Committee that heard this matter gives national legal recognition to same sex couples and that homosexual behaviour is illegal in three of these countries (India, Benin and Mauritius)."


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