Tuesday, April 20, 2004


Tony Blair's U.K. government has been caught ENCOURAGING massive immigration fraud: "It is hard to exaggerate the scale of the crisis that now faces Tony Blair and his Home Secretary. They are confronted with a failure of public policy of massive dimensions". And This is the sort of thing Blair's policies have brought about: "Dozens of refugees were living on Wrexham's Caia Park estate before the two nights of rioting that earned the place its notoriety last June. Now the old, white monoculturalism is back; the refugees have all but vanished without trace. At the Red Dragon pub, the scene of last summer's battles, a man was set upon a few weeks ago on the mere suspicion of being an Iraqi."

Peter Hitchens details why Britain's Leftist "New Labour" government has winked at mass illegal immigration. "One, it provides a constant excuse to censor the past and change the future. The false argument is made, for example, that migrant minorities will be offended if British history is taught as it should be, or if specifically Christian ceremonies are retained...Two, it props up the economy ...messed up welfare benefits at one end and penal taxation at the other mean that it simply isn't worth it for most British people to work for low-wage jobs. What's more, restrictive laws make it hard for small employers to create such jobs. .."

UK poll: "80% say that government policies on immigration and asylum are "not tough enough". ..a mere 4% share the view of some of the Government's critics that its policies are "too tough" and "76% back the expulsion or imprisonment of Muslim preachers who support extreme Islamic fundamentalism". It reminds one of a 1996 poll in Australia: "According to the results of a Herald-AGB poll released on June 19, Australians think their country is accepting too many immigrants, especially from Asia. About 65 percent of 2,063 people polled thought that immigration was too high; three percent favored more immigration..." 1996 was the year anti-immigration politician Pauline Hanson arrived on the Australian political scene and challenged the major parties to respond to popular rather than elite opinion. Hanson's popular challenge was eventually taken up by the major parties but still has many of Australia's Leftists in denial. Will the UK Leftist elites be the next to feel the shock treatment? A few British National Party victories in the North have certainly rattled them.

Another triumph of British bureaucracy: "Britain spent 259 million pounds ($400 million) on a fleet of unusable military helicopters that can't fly through clouds, a public spending watchdog revealed today. Eight advanced Chinooks designed to carry troops and equipment in all conditions were grounded in the "massively botched" deal."


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