Thursday, April 22, 2004


How a Murdoch reporter twisted the news about the 9/11 commission Rodney Dalton, New York correspondent for Rupert Murdoch's 'Australian' is walking proof of how dishonest the mainstream media has become, especially with respect to the Bush administration.
Bunny Champers meets Al Franken for the Bunny and Al show Bunny Champers meets Al Franken to join Air America. Unfortunately for Franken, and his Hollywood weirdoes, he didn't know what Bunny meant by liberal.
Clinton's media outing to China and the media's harassment of Bush Watching America's leftwing media hound President Bush reminded me of their simpering treatment of the Clintons. I recall in particular when the Clintons returned in triumph to Washington from China.
How Rupert Murdoch's Australian carrion leapt on Linda Chavez Some readers think I've been too harsh on our heroic journalists, particularly Roy Eccleston. If only that were so.
Free trade does not lower wages or cause persistent unemployment There is nothing new in the current hullabaloo about free trade, jobs, and trade deficits. Senator Kerry, please note.

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