Friday, October 10, 2003


Ann Coulter responds to the Leftist accusations about her “Lies” and shows who the real deceivers are.

In another one of his gargantuan posts, Captain Clueless spells out his view of why Leftists often seem hypocritical and self-contradictory. I would summarize it much more simply by saying that Leftists have no real principles so will say anything that they think sounds good at the time in the hope that doing so will get them power or influence. As a man who voted for Al Gore, however, the good Captain is trying to make it sound better than that. At least he now realizes that Leftists have no respect for democracy.

Good stuff! The American Anglican Council has in effect called for a schism with the Episcopal Church over the un-Biblical doctrines of the Episcopal leadership (homsexual bishops etc). A schism could get a lot of genuine Christians among the church membership out from under the influence of their atheist bishops.

Watcher of Weasels has an interesting feature: They put up lists of recommended posts from other blogs. Seeing I have made the list, I respect their judgement!

Australian blogger, Personal Independence Day has a BIG post about immigration and xenophobia. He shows that, despite Australia’s tough treatment of illegal immigrants, Australians are no-more anti-immigrant than people from most other countries and that Australian attitudes have become MORE anti-immigrant since the big postwar immigration influx began.

Chris Brand's is still posting up a storm at the moment so I have transferred some more of his recent posts here for convenience. He has an interesting comment about how many self-made millionaires are dyslectic.

China Hand is back in Australia on vacation and outraged at the cost of dentistry here. But the fillings he got in China fell out! He is now looking for a middle way.

The Wicked one has come out in favour of the Vatican’s stance on condoms!

My latest academic upload again points to the generally unscientific culture that prevails in academic psychology. See here or here.


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