Sunday, October 05, 2003


Further to the "October surprise" --- last-minute allegations about Schwarzenegger's "abuses" of women -- this story by Susan Salisbury was posted on conservativenet:

“After my own personal experience with the Democratic slander machine, I don't believe anything they say a week before such an important election.

My personal experience? Years ago I worked as a special assistant to an EEOC commissioner at the same time that Clarence Thomas was the Chairman. Several years later, when he was nominated for the Supreme court I got a call from a liberal former acquaintance claiming that she had been told by a mutual friend that I had been harassed by Thomas but was too ashamed to admit it.

I corrected her immediately, telling her I didn't particularly like him, but he had never been anything but proper and appropriate with me. The strongest obscenity I ever heard him utter was a very rare "damn". He was always polite.

The liberal acquaintance persisted. If only I would tell the press he molested me, she explained, I could change history. I could save the women of this country from having to seek back alley abortions -- This attempt to persuade me to tell lies about Clarence Thomas in order to achieve a political goal went on until, tired of denying false suggestions, I finally said to her, Carla, I am a Republican now, I am not going to lie for the Democrats. When Carla knew me earlier, I was a liberal democrat, perhaps the reason that I was targeted for this call.

On reflection, I doubt that I was the only woman who worked with Thomas to receive such a call. I wonder how many women who worked with Arnold have been getting calls in the last four weeks.”


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