Sunday, October 05, 2003


I liked this headline: Arnold knocks Arianna off her broomstick

Miranda Devine on Lomborg: "Of course, common sense is Lomborg's failing. It is precisely because he cites statistics, writes logically and avoids ideological fervour that he has been attacked and pilloried by eco-fundamentalists and fellow travellers around the world. He scares them."

Now THERE'S a judge we could use: "An Indian High Court judge has banned weekday public meetings and rallies in Calcutta after he was delayed by one. Judge Amitava Lala was two hours late for work after his car was caught up in a traffic jam caused by a political meeting. He issued the order, asking police to ensure no such rallies are held in the city of 12 million people between 8am and 8pm."

This US Army blogger from Iraq has some good comments about Australians: "The Aussies are bigger numbers than the rest...and they are some of my favorites .... their weapons are straight out of the future... a big difference from the M-16 which hasn't really changed much looks-wise in the last 30 of the coolest features about the Aussie weapon is the clear magazine... you can see exactly how much ammo you have left..."

I have just transferred some more of Chris Brand's recent posts here for convenience. His post about the suicide that is convulsing U.K. politics at the moment mentions something nobody else wants to believe but I think he has hit the nail on the head.

In my latest academic upload here (or here) I look at conservatism on social issues and what it correlates with. Leftists never tire of claiming that conservatism is the outcome of an unhappy childhood but whenever the matter is directly examined, it generally turns out that conservatives had happier childhoods. A related finding to that in this survey was that there was a SLIGHT tendency for Leftism to be associated with dissatisfaction with one's family. I also showed that conservatives tended to practice what they preach: They are more cautious and risk-averse in their personal lives as well as being more cautious in their social attitudes. Another interesting finding was that upwardly mobile people tended to be slightly more radical on social issues -- in other words, people who have been doing well for themselves tend to reject cautious attitudes -- "Limousine liberals"? An amusing finding from the study was that, despite their alleged passion for “equality”, Leftists were as personally ambitious as anybody else. The simplistic Leftist notion that conservatism is just “rejection of change” was also thoroughly undermined by the results of the study.


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