Wednesday, October 08, 2003


Two points in a recent George Will article that I agree with: Pakistan may now be the most dangerous breeding-ground for Islamic terrorists; and French nationalists (whom Will dubiously describes as “Fascists”) are just as anti-American as the French Left, though for different reasons. Chirac is after all a Rightist in French terms. The world-dominance of Anglo-Saxon culture really burns up ALL the French.

The French socialist government passed a law in 1998 reducing everybody’s working hours to 35 hours per week -- but everybody still had to get the same pay as when they worked 40 hours per week, of course! With the usual socialist logic, that was supposed to reduce unemployment. As any economist could have told them, it increased unemployment. France now has an unemployment rate 50% higher than the USA. And the French think that they are so much wiser than Americans!! They are now trying to do a U-turn on the policy.


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