Wednesday, October 08, 2003


What Fun! A new study by psychiatrist Robert Spitzer (who helped to have homosexuality removed from the American Psychiatric Association's list of mental illnesses in 1973) says that homosexual gay men and women can be transformed into heterosexuals through psychotherapy. The report is that, of 200 homosexuals and lesbians given the treatment, 78 per cent of males and 95 per cent of females reported a change in their sexuality. Huffing and puffing from the Left now underway!

I liked this headline: “Priest defrocked for gay wedding”

Jeff Jacoby has some good answers to the current attacks on Rush Limbaugh.

The U.S. State Dept. continues to defy belief. As the WSJ points out, it has links to famous American speeches on its site -- including speeches by Jimmy peanut and Mrs Clinton but nothing by the Gipper! I personally remember being deeply moved by the speech I saw President Reagan give on TV immediately after the U.S. first lost a space shuttle and remember thinking how lucky America was to have such a wonderful President at that time who knew how to help heal the wound of such a tragic event. I will never forget that speech.

I mentioned yesterday the body of research by psychologist Alain Van Hiel which purported to show conservatives to be maladjusted in various ways. I was quite kind in my comments about him because I think he has been naive rather than dishonest. If you want to see how easy it is to completely wipe the floor with Leftist psychologists, however, have a look at this demolition of an article written by a psychologist from the People’s Republic of Berkeley. It has been reproduced by several other people on their websites so they too obviously think it is a pretty effective put-down.

I have not been able to contact Jim Lindgren, Prof. of Law at Northwestern University, for ages. Last I heard a few months ago he was off for a fortnight’s vacation in Switzerland. Does anybody know if he is languishing in a Swiss dungeon or something?

My latest academic upload shows that the type of conservatism most psychologists connect with racism is in fact uncorrelated with racism when fairly measured. See here or here.


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