Thursday, October 09, 2003


How nice that all the last-minute Leftist lies about Schwarzenegger failed utterly in their object. As everybody knows, the last Hollywood actor to become Governor of California was Ronald Reagan so let us hope for great things from Arnold too.

Murray Soupcoff has another blast at the rich and righteous -- under the headline: "Lifestyles of the rich and hypocritical"

Left-leaning magazine "The Atlantic" has a surprisingly sensible article on poverty: "Since the mid-1990s, almost everyone has accepted that welfare should be linked to work. Only the most reactionary of liberals want to go back to providing cash as a substitute for employment. The new consensus is a good thing, because it matches a new reality. No feasible amount of cash assistance could solve America's poverty problem, even in principle. The problem has changed. It has become more behavioral than economic."

A good comment here about how most of the media have misrepresented the recent official report about Iraqi WMDs.

One of the most basic principles of natural justice is that we are not responsible for the deeds of other people. Under U.S. "environmental" law that principle no longer exists. You can be jailed for something someone else did while you were home in bed. I'm not kidding! Greenies really are haters of people and their hate is now law in many ways.

Atheist though I am, I rather liked the Pope's recent address to the Archbishop of Canterbury. He comes across as a great Christian pastor and his veiled warning about the Anglican attitude to homosexuality ("new and serious difficulties have arisen on the path to unity") was no less than his duty as guardian of church traditions and teachings.

Amusing that Leftists now want to censor sexy advertisements -- on “feminist” grounds of course. All women are equal too, it seems, so attractive women should be hidden away as much as possible, apparently.

I have just transferred some more of Chris Brand's recent posts here for convenience. He notes some of the brain physiology that correlates with IQ and has a big post on the call for voluntary eugenics in Denmark.

Carnival of the Vanities is up again.


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